Do I need a paid subscription to use docker hub images?

I use public images like Python, centos, rstudio, Ubuntu etc. from docker hub. Do I need any kind of subscription to use these public images? Or, its free of cost ? I pull these images as anonymous user.

Note: I do not use docker desktop. I have docker-ce installed on my linux VM. And using Cli and docker engine I pull the images.

I was going though FAQ page where I find below answer confusing.

FAQ page link: Docker FAQs | Docker

I am guessing this is only applicable to Docker desktop users who are saving images in Docker private repositories. They cannot use those private images for commercial use if they do not have a proper Docker desktop subscription.

Can someone please clarify this?


No, you don’t need a paid subscription with Docker-CE necessarily.

Anonymous pulls have a rate limit of 100 requests per 6hrs (identified by public ip).
The free personal subscription raises the rate limit to 200 requests per 6hrs (identified by public ip).

Though, a higher rate limit requires a paid subscription.