Automatic build runs into error

I have set up docker repo (brankovics/grabb) that should automatically build from my GitHub repo, both repositories are public. The automatic build appears to crash when the fully built image is being pushed:

{"status":"Pushing","progressDetail":{"current":61105,"total":61105},"progress":"[==================================================\u003e]  61.1 kB/61.1 kB","id":"d532e9146af0"}
{"errorDetail":{"message":"Head\u0026Signature=jHf4tNbdhQgTtnskAz3dY869MuWissqE8FKm10ndYhIbNlv~O-DHzfOy0QtLEoRSGv1diuWynBKAcQdNccxu5XP3AF2bLWy2ucWqDf7AylJsx8B239fu98zOObuEHFSH1mmG85N4L2GWjZM3MfFaEH-jmEzorLn~Tc25bZ1TvJ8_\u0026Key-Pair-Id=APKAJECH5M7VWIS5YZ6Q: dial tcp i/o timeout"},"error":"Head\u0026Signature=jHf4tNbdhQgTtnskAz3dY869MuWissqE8FKm10ndYhIbNlv~O-DHzfOy0QtLEoRSGv1diuWynBKAcQdNccxu5XP3AF2bLWy2ucWqDf7AylJsx8B239fu98zOObuEHFSH1mmG85N4L2GWjZM3MfFaEH-jmEzorLn~Tc25bZ1TvJ8_\u0026Key-Pair-Id=APKAJECH5M7VWIS5YZ6Q: dial tcp i/o timeout"}

I was guessing that something is wrong with the deploy keys, so I did the following:

  1. I deleted all the deploy keys of my GitHub repo, since Docker should automatically create new ones when using public repos. (At least that is what I understood.) Triggered a build, which failed.
  2. Added a new deploy key by copying it from the docker repo build settings. Triggered a build, which failed.
  3. Deleted the previous key and created one with write access. Triggered a build, which failed.

I have tested locally whether the github repo url can be used for a successful build and it worked.
Could someone help me solve this problem?

Lots of others having this error, myself included.

I have managed to solve the problem. I will list what I have done in order to make it truly reproducible:

  1. Deleted Docker form the services listed from the GitHub repo.
  2. Deleted the linking of GitHub and Docker accounts on the Docker Hub end.
  3. Re-established the link. Chose for the recommended one.
  4. Deleted the deploy keys from the Github repo.
  5. Deleted Docker repo.
  6. Re-created Docker repo as an automatic build and public.
  7. (At the Docker build settings the deploy key disappeared.) At the build settings I linked my repo with the docker repo that I used with FROM in the docker file.
  8. Also added the built setting that from the master branch it should create an image with latest tag. Then triggered a build.

I believe that the last two steps could have been the crucial ones. (Although the fact that the deploy key disappeared could also be important.)

We are aware of the issue and our Engineers are working feverishly on a fix. We don’t have a timeline to share for the fix at this time. However, we recommend that you go to the Docker Status Page to get the latest update. You can subscribe to the incident and be automatically notified when an update is available.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience during this matter.