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Base Images other than nanoserver and windowsservercore?

(Jonsolo) #1

Since docker for windows server 2016 doesn’t support building a base image FROM scratch, is it possible to use any other base images besides nanoserver, nanoserver-insider, windowsservercore and windowsservercore-insider?

(Artisticcheese) #2

What sort of base image are you looking to use a base?

(Jonsolo) #3

Something like the default Windows 2016 image that includes a desktop/GUI… although I think I know the answer to that already based on what I know of linux containers… Containers on windows are strictly command line and headless by their very nature, aren’t they?

(Artisticcheese) #4

Correct, not much different from that point of view from Linux containers

(Tallandtree) #5

It is possible to run a GUI in a linux container. I’ve seen a very useful demo of this during DockerCon 2018. See also:
So, I imagine it will be possible to do something likewise with a windows Docker container.

(Jonsolo) #6

Thank you-- I think it’s probably this demo you’re referring to…

(Jonsolo) #7

Also, the official answer as far as Windows goes (so far) is that no, nothing other than nanoserver and windowsservercore are supported, and they are both headless.

(Jeff Anderson) #8

The windows GUI subsystem is not available from Docker containers, no.

The reason the linux GUIs work is because the X11 protocol is network based. You aren’t able to run a linux wayland GUI process in a container, for example. The architecture of wayland and the windows gui system does not include a remote network protocol, hence the disconnect from remote X11 guis.