Billing contact

I have a billing issue that I need to talk to someone about. I’ve tried to create a support ticket, but I haven’t heard back for 2 weeks now. There seem to be many billing issues on this forum with no responses. Is there any way to talk to human?

Where have you tried to submit the ticket? Maybe you can try here: Contact Sales | Docker

I at least got an initial response from (but using the online support portal has not resulted in any response). I tried the that sales link, and they won’t talk to you unless you say you want > 50 users. I filled out the form and got an email to that effect. It seems to be really a sales portal and not a billing one.

I had that feeling too. I didn’t know about the “billing” email. I hope they can help you soon.

Hi Erika, I am also trying to contact the billing team without success and just put through to voice mail when calling number from invoice. No response from support team yet, Did you have any response or find another way to make contact you could share with me please?

I haven’t had any luck. I tried to create tickets, which were acknowledged by an automated ticket system, but there wasn’t any useful reply, and it’s been weeks. I didn’t see a number to call on my invoice, but I’ll maybe try that next.

It’s upsetting we pay for support and yet get no support.