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Bitlocker recovery after docker installation

(Israelito3000) #1

Hello community

After I install docker for Windows and I restart the PC I got:

“your device needs to be repaired, bitlocker key wasn’t loaded correctly 0x0210000”,

which always fails and leads straight to a bitlocker recovery screen:

“Bitlocker needs your recovery key to unlock your drive because the trusted platform module is not accessible”.

I requested the recovery key to the support department and I could log in again, but this screen appears on every reboot.

If I disable the bitlocker then all is good again and I do not require the bitlocker recovery key.
After I reenable bitlocker and encrypt the HDD the problem persist.

I have seen posts on internet, users having similar issues when enable Hyper-V.

System details:

  • Win10 Pro x64
  • Lastest update and accumulative paths.

Any help on getting this working would be appreciated. I have to keep bitlocker but as it stands I cannot use docker without using my recover key for each login which is painful.