[bug?] New lines indented on Edge 17.06.0-rc1-ce-mac13 (18169)

Just installed yesterdays Edge update (17.06.0-rc1-ce-mac13 (18169)) and on connecting into an existing or new container i get this when i execute a command or start new line.

Tried pulling new image etc.
Anybody else seen this - looks like carriage-returns are messed up :frowning:

Same here :frowning:

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I confirm, I have the same behaviour

I have the same behavior

Just enter ‘reset’, that’s command fix that.


It fix the term, but not the docker output itself, so far the only workaround I have is to pipe the docker command in dos2unix:

docker ………… | dos2unix

it works pretty good as workaround, thanks

Using “reset” worked for me in the terminal. Thanks!

Thanks! Worked for me. I’ll raise a bug unless there is already one :thumbsup:

I tried reset and it is still broken.

This is fixed in 17.06.0-rc2-ce-mac14 (18280), see https://github.com/docker/for-mac/issues/1672