[bug?] New lines indented on Edge version 17.06.0-ce-rc1, build 7f8486a

This is the same issue that was posted on Docker for Mac forum.
When I do run any linux container using docker for win (Docker version 17.06.0-ce-rc1, build 7f8486a) new lines are idented

On windows container everything works fine.
Should I fill this as a bug in docker engine?

I have the exact same problem. Upgraded today to 17.06.0-ce-rc2 and the problem persists…

This makes it extremely difficult to execute commands within the container, specially if they produce long outputs (for instance if your installing a package). Tried with Ubuntu, Alpine and CentOS based container; all with this problem!

I have the same problem.
How can I downgrade to the previous working version?

This is a known issue that is being tracked on GitHub. The best way to correct this is to type “reset” when connected to the container.

Thanks for the reset tip.

Do you have a link to the issue?
I went through a few pages on the Docker for Windows repository but couldn’t find it.