Can we include Docker Desktop installation file into our commercial product files?

My company has over 250 employees and purchased business license.

Our one product is running in container (windows docker desktop). We sell this product to our customers. Can we include Docker Desktop installation file into our product package? Of course we won’t charge for windows docker desktop, only charge for license of our product.

This product is designed to be run on windows within an intranet. Providing the docker desktop installation file will make it convenient for the customer to setup up the required running environment.

Please help to check my question. Thank you.

What is “Docker Desktop installation file”? Is it a script that installs Docker Desktop? If it is, although I am not a Docker staff member, I don’t see why not, but depending on where it will run, your customers may need Docker subscription as well. I would also clearly document the product mentioning that it installs Docker Desktop and that is not part of your product.

And one more thing. Docker Desktop is for development so it might not be the best choice for a longrunning application. You probably already know about this, but you can find som instructions in Microsoft’s documentation about the installation of Docker in different environments:


Since you would probably prefer an official answer, as a business subscriber, you could contact Docker Support to ask about what you can do.

Hi, thank you for your comment.
What is “Docker Desktop installation file”?

It is “Docker Desktop Installer.exe” download from official site.

“Docker Desktop is for development”

Thank you for pointing it out and the document sharing. Yes, we have recognized this aspect and are currently considering its suitability for our situation."