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Cannot build images

(Nguyennguyen) #1

After I cancel a build, it can’t be completed. I also cannot trigger any other build. It failed immediately without logs. When I refresh page, I can’t see any failed build. I can’t build any my repository

(Sociametrix) #2

I am also experiencing this. My builds are connected to GitHub and have always triggered builds based on branch update without issue. All of sudden the integration with GitHub stopped working and my manual builds also fail immediately with no logs.

(Inishant) #4

I am having the same problem. Consistently getting the error 503 SERVICE UNAVAILABLE with the text “Database is down!” (checked network tab in chrome).

(Marratj) #5

Yup, having the same 503 error with database down. Already pinged Docker on Twitter about this, however, no further info yet.

(Tim Haak) #6

Same this side.

Though it was just something wrong with my account as docker status says everything is up.

Also can’t work out how to log a ticket.

(Valeriomazzeo) #7

I have the same problem here.

(Tim Haak) #8

At the moment for anyone stuck with this you can still build the images remotely and then push them.

Not the perfect solution but should allow you to get anything urgent out if you need.

(Sociametrix) #9

That’s what we’ve had to do. Had work going out this weekend…this is pretty disappointing.

(Nguyennguyen) #10

Looks like it’s back

(Tim Haak) #11

Yes back as of last night for me as well :slight_smile:

(Peinwag) #12

same problem here (503 error)

(Nia Tomonaka) #13

I have the same problem 3 days ago.
Now, I can trigger builds, however, I can’t configure BUILD RULES in some repository.

(Nia Tomonaka) #14

Perhaps, the number of Build Rules that can be set with Automated Build in Docker Cloud seems to be up to 25 items per repository.
So I tried deleting one Build Rule, and I could add a new one.

(Marigold1234) #15

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