Every build is failing since about 4 hours ago

Created a successful build 4 hours ago but since then every build has failed with ‘Unexpected error’

I am triggering the build form a GitHub tag.

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Fails for us as well with the error:

ERROR: Build failed with internal server error

I just get ‘Unexpected error’

No logfile or anything.

I have contacted Docker support.

It’s now building but is taking a lot longer than usual.

Hi @afidevelopment, Thank you for reporting, is it a global issue. I have the same problem. Trying to pull images since yesterday but it takes ages and never ends

@afidevelopment I’m experiencing same issue. Builds were failing, no they’re just hung up in Pending state

They say on https://status.docker.com/ that the issue is resolved, but I’ve got some queued builds that are just sitting there and can’t be canceled. Anyone else have this?

And of course, right when I post this the cancel goes through, finally.