Installing Docker beta on Windows 10 Home

I get this message when running the installer for Docker beta on Windows 10 Home:

“HyperV is not available on Home editions. Please use Docker Toolbox.”

Is it possible to run Docker beta on the Home edition of Windows 10? If so, what are the steps to get it installed.

The release of Docker runs great on Windows 10 Home edition. I only get a Hyper-V message when trying to run the Docker Beta .msi. Is there a workaround?

Hey Will,

As mentioned the new Docker Beta has a dependency on Windows Hyper V which unfortunately not bundled with home edition of 10. There isn’t any work around for this but there is talk of eventually supporting other hypervisors (VMWare, Virtualbox) but I’d imagine this is a while off. When and if this happens you will be fine with Home edition as you could simply use those providers instead.

I don’t have Home edition of Windows so don’t share your problem but I am heavy user of VMware and VirtualBox so hoping the new Docker client supports these soon as I’m not a fan of Hyper V :wink:


Thanks Tim. I went ahead and upgraded my OS to Pro edition, and Docker Beta works great now.