Cannot use docker machine to deploy to virtual box

It seems to work fine untill I connect to one of the hosts that I created with machine ,

  1. I install docker-machine on ubuntu running on virtual box

  2. I deploy docker hosts to virtual box and to digital ocean

  3. I connect to them eval $(docker-machine env test)

  4. I run a my sql install and disconnect “eval $(docker-machine env -u)”

  5. now I attempt to create another host on the virtual box with “docker-machine create --driver --virtualbox testtest”

  6. I get the error " error creating machine :hosts Unknown driver “–virtualbox”



what virtualbox version you are using? this could help? machine creation failures on MacOS · Issue #242 · docker/machine · GitHub

It looks like you have a syntax error when naming the driver.

Instead Try: docker-machine create --driver virtualbox testest

You may now check your physical machine LAN port successfully bridge or not. May be your physical machine LAN port problem.