Docker-machine create --driver=virtualbox errors

Hi Folks,

I’m new to docker, and I’m trying to run a docker application on a Ubuntu 16.04 server on Digital Ocean. After installing virtualbox [ 5.0.32_Ubuntu] the app requires me to run docker-machine create --driver=virtualbox supplejack-docker the process hangs after a few minutes at:
(supplejack-docker) Starting the VM...
(supplejack-docker) Check network to re-create if needed...
(supplejack-docker) Found a new host-only adapter: "vboxnet0

If I exit this and run the next step of the build,docker-machine start supplejack-docker I get another error:
Starting "supplejack-docker"...
(supplejack-docker) VM not in restartable state
(supplejack-docker) Waiting for an IP...

I can run this process locally on my mac without a hitch, but it fails in the cloud [maybe this is the the nested VM problem I hear so much about?] I tried an older version of virtualbox (5.0), to no effect. Docker-machine is version 0.9.0-rc2, build 7b19591

docker-machine ls gives me:
default - virtualbox Unknown
supplejack-docker - virtualbox Unknown

Maybe someone else out there has encountered this?


If you have a DigitalOcean server you are running these commands on you do not need to run VirtualBox on it to use Docker. You should be able to simply curl -sSL | sh or follow the install instructions for Ubuntu directly and start using docker.

Like you mention you cannot (usually) nest hardware accelerated virtualization on cloud, nor do you want to (it’d be far too slow to be useful in most cases).

Thanks nathanleclaire! It keeps coming back to this nesting issue! I’m looking at ways to get around the requirement for the virtualbox driver in the the apps documention, and bring all the pieces together: Docker docer-machine, docker-compose.

Thanks again.