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Create a private repository of docker to download docker application updates instead of pointing all my hosts to

Do you know if there is a way to create a docker repository of docker application updates something like apt-repository? I am looking to create a VM of a docker repository mirror of and point all my host machines that host then point the repository VM to download the updates from the docker repository.

Let me rephrase what you wrote: you want to have a private registry that acts as a pull through cache.

You can use any private docker registry that support pull though caching, e.g. Sonatype Nexus3, JFrog Container Registry or Docker Registry

I am slightly confused when you mention the term registry. Just to be clear let me rephrase it.

In order to install docker on a VM which never has had installed with docker before, the release file for docker will connect to to download the appropriate os release. I wanted to know if there is a way to setup a repository like locally in our enterprise system to prevent all hosts to access the public network.

@meyay : Thanks for your earlier input by the way.

Docker Hub is a public registry. In my previous response I mentioned some products that allow to run a privat registry capable of proxying/caching repositores from Docker Hub.

Maybee this mapping helps to understand the wording differences:
Apt repository ~= Container-Image Registry
Apt package ~= Container-Image Repository
Apt package version ~= Tag for a specific Container-Image Repository.

To use the pull through cach, you will have to address images with fqdn-of-private-registry[:port-if-anything-different-than-port-443]/group/repository:tag instead just group/repository:tag

update: Oh, I complety missunderstood you. You realy just want to cache the apt packes to install the docker engine. Forget what I wrote. Artifactory and Nexus3 should be able to provide a local apt repo.

Perfect, I will refer to your previous suggestions and go through them. Thanks.