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D4W beta 8 not mount all subfolders


Hi to everyone!

I’ve just installed new d4w beta 8

Expected behavior

Mount folder and all subfolders defined on run command

Actual behavior

I run
docker run -v /c/Users/spaciell:/data alpine ls /data
docker run -v c:/Users/spaciell:/data alpine ls /data

only one empty folder is mounted


No error in output or in docker log file.
I’d enabled share C:\ folder with credentials in settings

[Proxy][Info]… proxy >> POST /v1.23/containers/create [rewriteBinds]
[Proxy][Info]… Rewrote mount to /c/Users/spaciell:/data
[Proxy][Info]… proxy >> POST /v1.23/containers/create
[Proxy][Info]… Dial
[Proxy][Info]… Dial IP
[Proxy][Info]… proxy << POST /v1.23/containers/create
[Proxy][Info]… proxy >> POST /v1.23/containers/ab009f5e7d12ec28bed6b68b3910636ab8067b90fedf4f67b01ad20637936046/attach?stderr=1&stdout=1&stream=1
[Proxy][Info]… Dial
[Proxy][Info]… Dial IP
[Proxy][Info]… Upgrading to raw stream
[Proxy][Info]… proxy >> POST /v1.23/containers/ab009f5e7d12ec28bed6b68b3910636ab8067b90fedf4f67b01ad20637936046/start [start]

Can someone help me?


(Titaye) #2


You need to enable your drive in the Shared Drive settings panel in order to see your folders in the container.


(Dieter Menne) #3

Updating to the current beta (12) might be useful, But at least for some installations, sharing the drives alone does not help.

See the lengthy thread on

Mounting manually seems to work, but this is not more than an temporary workaround.