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DCA going away?

There doesn’t appear to be any official information about the DCA and everything in the forum is very sparse too. Which gives me the perception that they don’t take their own certification seriously and if it doesn’t mean anything to them, then it probably doesn’t mean anything in the developer community either. Is that accurate?

Should I even bother getting the DCA certification or just go straight to CKA/D and skip learning Swarm all together?

Skip DCA and learning swarm and directly head for CKA and CKAD.
Kubernetes is the de-facto standard in the industrie and is widely accepted by corporations.

DCA is more then just the docker engine, plain docker containers and swarm. It does cover kubernetes aspects and aspects of the docker enterprise offering (which is now owned by Mirantis) as well. Skip it. Directly head for the big gun, which actualy adds value to your profile that attracts corparations.

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I think only 1 reply that mostly confirms my observation is probably the proof I needed to focus on just the CKA/D materials I have available.

I really appreciate your advice Metin,