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Diagnostic Uploaded (do the developers read them?)

(Lee Packham) #1

Expected behavior

Be able to do a docker pull

Actual behavior

It times out…

A diagnostic was uploaded with id: 75859775-11F2-496D-B0D2-3452C5FBDD37/2016-07-03_12-21-05

(Lee Packham) #2

PSA: Disabling Malwarebytes Malicious Website Protection fixes this issue… that should help a LOT of people. I suspect other AVs don’t like the multiple networks thing either.

(Michael Friis) #3

Thanks for reporting this. If you have time, could you post details on why Malwarebytes blocks Docker pulls?

(Lee Packham) #4

MalwareBytes hooks all connectivity to make sure that IPs being connected to aren’t on a blacklist or traffic isn’t ‘malware like’. I don’t make that software so I can’t fathom ‘why’ but I imagine it doesn’t like the slirp way of working.