Disable HyperV with Docker for Windows


I am very new to docker and I am following this guide for installing docker

After installing for windows and running the powershell command I had Docker flash up with a request to turn on Hyper V

However, there was also a warning that Virtual Box VMs will not work

How can I get round this?

I need my Virtual Box VMs to work!


You can create a second boot entry with bcdedit command. see: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/virtual_pc_guy/2008/04/14/creating-a-no-hypervisor-boot-entry/

Be aware, that you need to open CMD.exe as Admin!

So disabling and enabling Hyper-V will need a restart. … It’s not possible to use them at the same time. Also see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypervisor


How do I actually disable/enable HyperV?

You have to have a close look to the attached images of the linked post. It basically does:

  • The first /copy command creates a copy of the {current} bootsettings,
    • gives it a new name (You should use your own one!!)
    • and returns an UUID
  • The second /set command set: hypervisorlaunchtype off using the UUID from above.

If you boot the next time you’ll get a win boot menue, where you can select which version to start.

  • The existing one starts with enabled
  • The copy starts with disabled.

You can use the built-in help commands: bcdedit /? /copy and bcdedit /? /set to get the details.

You’ll need to use cmd.exe in admin mode. … I did test bcdedit it in a VM. … PowerShell doesn’t work … cmd.exe does … at least for me.