Display issues with emacs buffers within Docker containers

I’ve been encountering some issues since upgrading to Docker 1.8 from 1.5. When using Emacs within a Docker container, the buffers get messed up with characters being misplaced on the same line or characters from some lines being displayed on top of characters on other lines. This is only a display issue, the file does not get corrupted, but it makes Emacs pretty unusable.

A more detailed description of the issue with screenshots can be found here: http://emacs.stackexchange.com/questions/19014/issue-with-characters-in-buffers-being-displayed-in-wrong-positions

The container is built on the fedora official image (Fedora 23), and it runs on a Fedora 23 host. I believe they both share the same repositories, so the Emacs installation should be the same on the container and on the host. I do not encounter the same issue on the host.

Any ideas why this may happen and how to resolve it?

I have this same issue, and it’s most apparent when viewing code side-by-side in emacs. For now, I use C-l to fix, but it’s annoying since scrolling one side will corrupt the display. My container is using Debian and all packages (including emacs v24.4.1) are installed from jessie main. Running Docker v1.10.1 build 9e83765.