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Docker and docker-compose didn't symlink correctly

(Adamgotterer) #1

Expected behavior

I expected docker and docker-compose to symlink to /Applications/

Actual behavior

docker and docker-compose were symlinked to /Users/adam/Library/Group Containers/


I fixed the problem by manually creating the symlink. I also tried to do a full factory reset to see if it would link it appropriately, that didn’t work/

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Docker toolbox at one point was installed on my system via brew. I think at another time I installed it using the mac package. I installed docker mac beta first and then uninstall docker-toolbox. Unclear whether this is part of the problem or not.

Docker-compose & TLS
(Jpatters) #2

/Users/adam/Library/Group Containers/ is in turn a symlink to /Applications/ So this shouldn’t be an issue