Docker and VMware at the same time?

Simple question, I hope:

Can I run Docker and VMware Fusion under OS X at the same time?
That is to say, one or more Docker containers along side one of more active VMs?

I have found lots of posts about running Docker on a VM, but next to a VM.


It appears to work, as long as there is enough RAM in your Mac. My installation is MacOS 10.14.3, Fusion 11.0.2 and Docker Desktop I am running Ubuntu servers in both environments simultaneously. For example, I can ping the server running under Fusion from the Ubuntu server container within Docker Desktop.

I have not been able to find any information about this being a supported configuration, so your mileage may vary.

I’m looking for clarification on this topic.

Is Docker Desktop For Mac compatible with VMware Fusion? That is, will it interfere with existing VMs on VMware Fusion or not?

I understand that Docker Desktop For Mac can be run with VirtualBox 5.0+ but I don’t see any documentation about VMware Fusion.

What’s the official word?