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Docker Authentication Failure


(Rajsekhar) #1

HI All. i would like to push the image into docker’s hub.
For that i have followed the following steps:
1)docker login
O/P: Login Succeded
2)docker push imagename
O/P:Authentication failure
to resolve this error, i have followed some blogs . And one of the solution was to modify the credentials in ~/.docker/config.json file. I have checked the config.json file . In this file, already the modification as suggested by people from blog its already there. So no need of modification of the file.
But still the error persists like "Authentication Failure"
Friends please help me on this. Its really urgent

(Sean Chitwood) #2

I had been running into this same problem for a couple of weeks. All blog posts are old and not very helpful.

So far I have followed the examples of adding repos to the config.json, deleting and recreating the config and changing my password.

Now I am getting Error: Status 403 trying to pull repository darkmane/showcase: ““The Repository is Locked, access denied””. Any hints?

I’m trying to push from Mac OS, docker version 1.12 to a private repo on

darkmane@IMac:~/src/gw2-craftingtool[speedup_generate_data]$ docker login Login with your Docker ID to push and pull images from Docker Hub. If you don't have a Docker ID, head over to to create one. Username (darkmane): Password: Login Succeeded darkmane@IMac:~/src/gw2-craftingtool[speedup_generate_data]$ docker push darkmane/showcase The push refers to a repository [] d619b122f557: Preparing d4e2fd087845: Preparing 962679e28782: Preparing 63478b5a424c: Preparing 4b0bab9ff599: Preparing d1c800db26c7: Waiting 42755cf4ee95: Waiting unauthorized: authentication required

(Sean Chitwood) #3

Deleting and recreating the repo solved the issue.