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Docker beta on OS X breaks ssh based VPN


(Samlavery) #1

Latest OS X, non-beta, new MacBook Pro q4 2015. My company uses sshuttle to vpn from local dev to staging. Installing docker beta breaks that. I’m not an expert in OS X networking, but I couldn’t find any entries in the routing tables. The CiDR is, if that makes a difference. The problem goes away after disabling docker on boot and restarting. It would be cool if it did not do this. Otherwise it looked pretty good. Thanks!

(David Maze) #2

I’m having some related troubles too, though I’m relatively new to sshuttle. Abstractly, the sequence looks like this:

host$ sshuttle --dns -r

# meanwhile:
host$ docker run --rm -it ubuntu:16.04 bash
container$ curl
# fails; but, with the container still running,

host$ killall sshuttle
host$ shuttle --dns -r
container$ curl
# works!
container$ exit

# just for fun,
host$ docker run --rm -it ubuntu:16.04 bash
container$ curl
# works!
container$ exit

# Well, I got it working, so
host$ make -f Makefile.big-and-runs-containers
# time passes
# ...
# and the make fails
host$ docker run --rm ubuntu:16.04 curl
# also fails, again

I’d guess the “make” step takes maybe 30-60 seconds to fail; I don’t remember if the number of docker run steps in it is more like “exactly 1” or “about a dozen”, but it is the first time it reaches into the private network.