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Docker Browser?


I was wondering if I can build the following in a docker environment

  1. An internetbrowser (Auto-Refresh every few minutes)

  2. An Auto-clicker that clicks on a specific location on the internetbrowser every few minutes.

I’m the owner of a big Discord server and would like to automatically bump my server on disboard every 2 hours. You can do this by heading over to Disboard > Logging in and by clicking on “Bump me”.

I’m currently using a W10 VM with an auto-clicker software & auto-refresh chrome extension. Not proudest solution…

I’m really new to Docker and I have no idea if this is even possible, but it would save me a lot of memory using a docker container instead of running a W10 VM 24/7.


Im pretty sure it can be done, but it would really take some time to make, but, docker is not the job for this.
Maybe start looking into making the same web request as the bump button

I would use the Robot Framework to do this. It is really easy to create a python test script using that framework. A good start is to look at this blog post.

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