Docker cloud tries to build into deleted repository

Hello, I am new to docker, but I think I found a bug.

Yesterday I created dockerhub repo, hooked github repo to it and created some build scenario. Later I added two Dockerfiles into my github repo and changed the build path to Dockerfile to ‘master:/*/Dockerfile’. I tried build, but the build failed so I assumed I need two docker repositories for my case. (two Dockerfiles in github repo). So I deleted the old dockerhub repo and created two new dockerhub repos.

I hooked both repos to build from github, each to one of the Dockerfiles. But when I push something to the github, the hook of the deleted dockerhub repo seems to be triggered. The newly create repositories are building ok.

I am getting the error report from the deleted:
ERROR: Image midlan6/test does not exist
ERROR: Build in ‘master:/*/Dockerfile’ (8c903067) failed in 0:00:00�

So the midlan6/test repo was deleted, but the build scenario seems remained. Now I can’t delete the build scenario for midlan6/test since I can’t open settings of deleted repo in docker cloud. That is the bug.

github repo
new dockerhub repos: midlan6/mysqltest, midlan6/phptest
deleted dockerhub repo: midlan6/test

Finally I found dirty solotution:

I recreated the midlan6/test repository. In configuration of this repository I am able to delete build commands.

But I think, this is not definitelly the way it should work. When I delete repository, all it’s data should be deleted, especially build commands.