Docker data migration for Oracle DB (based on IBM SAN) container. Alternatives to Flocker

We have Oracle database with persistence based on IBM SAN Storage. As it is one of the core systems candidate for migration to Docker, we are looking into data migration solution. We did consider Flocker however there appear mismatches/gaps on Flocker to IBM SAN.

Wondering if you could suggest some better alternative. Data security is of extreme importance in this case.

Hi Shahzadch,

Which IBM SAN are you using? We are working with IBM as we speak on a new driver.


Hi Shahzadch,

The Flocker driver for IBM Storage System is under development.
Could you please specify which IBM Storage System you need for Flocker support?
(for example : IBM XIV, IBM Spectrum Accelerate, A9000, SVC, IBM Storwize, etc…)


Shay Berman