Docker Desktop: update deleted the app

I tried to update Docker Desktop on my M2 MacBook Pro (OS 13.3) via the Docker desktop settings page, and during the download/update, Docker Desktop crashed, and the app has been deleted (file size of zero; see attached).

I can’t even submit a new support ticket, since that would require a Diagnostics ID, which I cannot obtain, given that my Docker Desktop app has been deleted!

Note: I’m using my work laptop, which restricts privileges via the Privileges app (v1.5.4). I did not have admin privileges when trying to update Docker. I’m guessing that the lack of admin privileges caused the issue. I was not prompted during the update for an admin login; instead, the Docker Desktop app was deleted.

Do you still have the virtual machine’s disk?

ls -lahs ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker/Data/vms/0/data

Docker.raw should be there. If it is, you could probably just delete the broken app and reinstall. I hope you didn’t store anything on container filesystems or in volumes (not bind mounted folders) that you can’t reproduce in case you can’t restore your containers.

it happens to me since a few version updates back, too. Mac mini with intel and Macbook Air M1 affected. This morning with 4.25.1 again. I always delete the corrupted app from the program folder (needs admin) then download and install the new version from the docker webpage (also needs admin rights).
docker.rax (as mentioned from @rimelek) is still available, after start of Docker-Desktop the containers, images, volumes etc. are still available. Not comfortable but a workaround. Good luck.

Sorry @rimelek for the slow reply. I didn’t get a notification that your replied.

I still have the Docker.raw file. Although re-downloading and re-installing Docker “fixed” the issue, the same issue just occurred again, so my Docker app is again broken, just as before.

The problem is that the Docker updater doesn’t properly check for user admin permissions prior to starting the update process, and then crashes during the updating process as a result of permissions issues.

So, if I don’t enable privileges via the “Privileges” app that IT installed on my macbook (I forget), updating Docker results in a broken app.

It would be very helpful if the Docker updater was changed to account for a lack of user admin privileges as a results of a privilege-restriction app such as the “Privileges” app. It’s frustrating to be repeatedly forced to re-download and re-install Docker due to this issue.

Since it could be a very important info for the developers, would you open an issue on GitHub or comment on an existing issue if you find another related report?

Thanks @rimelek for the advice! I’ve submitted an issue: Restrictions on privileges results in broken Desktop app when updating · Issue #7099 · docker/for-mac · GitHub

@rimelek this issue just occurred again. I made sure to request admin privileges prior to clicking “Update” after Docker Desktop downloaded the update.

There have been no responses to my GitHub issue: Restrictions on privileges results in broken Desktop app when updating · Issue #7099 · docker/for-mac · GitHub

When is the Docker updater actually going to check for correct permissions?

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 11.22.15 AM

I don’t know if it checks any permissions, I think I always ran it as administrator and I don’t remember any permisssion related issue.

I don’t know if it checks any permissions

It does not, which is the issue, if there is permissions-restricting software installed on the mac. In my case, the software is Privileges, as described in the GitHub issue (which no one has responded to).

Then I misunderstood your question. Sorry for that. My point is that I don’t know how exactly Docker Desktop works (probably nobody) and I don’t know what the developers at Docker Inc will do to solve this, assuming they want to. If not many people report this, it can get a low priority. One more thing you could do is opening a ticket in the roadmap, but that would have the same problem. It would need many users to support the idea.

I also forgot the “Privileges” app, which you mentioned in your first post too, but when I quickly reread topics, I usually focus more on links. So let’s share this one too

I should probably try this as I have a Mac too, but that probably wouldn’t help me to help, so I don’t promise anything.

If you know more people using Privileges and Docker, they could comment on GitHub too. Or you could ask if there is any progress. I have a ticket in the roadmap since 2022 without any response from Docker, so there is no guarantee they will find it important enough.

One thing is sure. This is something that can be solved by Docker Inc and if there is a workaround not using the update feature, it is likely to get a lower priority :frowning: .

Thanks @rimelek for your detailed response!
Given that this issue would only occur for users with privilege-restricting software on their mac, it likely has not been an issue for many. However, checking for necessary user permissions should be a key aspect of the update process.