Docker dont work on win10

After some of cumulative windows update i cant launch docker anymore. ( maybe the cause is different and its coincidence). it was telling me that standard error that hyper-v cannot connect etc. I tried to connect directly using hyper-v and it was having same problem. So i reinstalled hyper-v. After this Hyper-V manager begin to work fine e.g. it can connect all fine.
But now docker produce a new error ( no virtualization)
but virtualization enabled and certainly didnt changed any bios settings

After like 5-7 relaunches of docker it stopped to tell me that no virtualization, but it just stuck in starting state and in hyper-v the machine is in starting state too
But it just keep staying on this, i have waited like 20 minutes nothing changed.
Any ideas whats wrong and how to fix this?

Please run diagnostics and open issue here:

What happens if you reset or re-install Docker for Windows?

@friism uninstall and install again of docker fixed issue. Although simple reinstall ( e.g. updating to newer version) did nothing.