Unable to Start docker after reinstall

My machine details are as follows:

I played around with docker toolbox first as my desktop was on windows 7. My primary aim was to run hortonworks hdp and hdf for self training. As I could not do it easily, I upgraded desktop to windows 10.

I installed docker for windows on the first day and it started properly, though, hortonworks container did not start. I researched a little further and removed all environment variables automatically setup by toolbox installation. Docker started running but still hortonworks hdp did not start. It used to give me error of some permissions elevation cannot be done.

I thought I would try upgrading docker to new work in progress build as some posts suggested and uninstalled and reinstalled docker. After this point, I am unable to even start docker. The following is the error message that I get.

I checked HYPER V setting in both places as suggested by documentation and found that it is enabled. Help is much appreciated for correcting the installation and get me going with Hortonworks.

I forgot to mention that I tried one more posting which said that the following error message would be resolved by switching to Linux containers.


When I switched to Linux containers HiperV error message is coming up and Docker is not starting though Virtualization is enabled at BIOS, All other settings as mentioned in the documentation attached to the error are found to be appropriate and as mentioned. My machine configuration is posted in other related post.