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Docker fails to initialize Hyper-V with deserialize error

(Gerwood) #1

Expected behavior

Docker would enable Hyper-V and then restart windows.

Actual behavior

Displays error: The constructor to deserialize an object of type ‘Docker.Backend.HyperVException’ was not found.


  • Running Windows 10.
  • Have previously had Docker Toolbox installed.
  • Have separate install of VirtualBox 5.0.20
  • Hyper-V is not enabled.
  • AMD FX8350 / 32Gb

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Run install.

I’m still trying to work out if there are any specific steps.

You can fix this by manually enabling Hyper-V

Importing containers and images from the existing Docker Toolbox
(Markenson) #2

Additional information: Same error for me, but after Hyper-V was enabled manually it works for me (windows 10 pro)

(Pavel Vinogradov) #3

Have the same problem. Win 10 Pro, i5-4690k.
Docker fails with deserialization error at “Hyper-V initialization step”.

(Manuinnz) #4

same on Surface pro 4.

I had to install the Hyper V manually to get it going.
obviously needs also a new kitematic to connect. The docker toolbox one does not work anymore due to incompatibility between HyperV and Virtual Box on surface pro (3 or 4) based on my experience.

(Wolfgang Malgadey) #5

Same error for me.

Because of docker-toolbox I deinstalled hyper-v manually in the past.

After manually installing hyper-v again, docker initialized successfully

(Ttermeer) #6

Same error.

Windows 10 pro upgrade from Windows 7 pro ( french version )
HyperV was disabled before running the installer
Docker Toolbox was installed

(Scoutm) #7


Windows 10 Pro (Russian)
I had to install the Hyper V manually.

Get another error after install:

[21:45:25.225][Notifications  ][Error  ] Failed to create Switch "DockerNAT": Сбой при добавлении подключений виртуального коммутатора Ethernet.
Не удалось создать внутренний минипорт, имя = "820001FD-515C-451D-9E5D-6704188D8729", понятное имя = "vEthernet (DockerNAT)", MAC-адрес = "DYNAMIC": Аргументы заданы неправильно (0x80070057).

(Michael Friis) #8

We’re fixing this in the next release, until then manually enable Hyper-V before installation: