Hyper-V error when starting Docker Quickstart Terminal for the first time

I just installed Docker on a Windows 10 machine for the first time so that I can start playing around with it. And, when I click the “Docker Quickstart Terminal” (running with elevated privileges), I get an error regarding Hyper-V:

Is there a solution to fix this? I manually created a VM via command-line, named it “default”, and it seemed to have created perfectly well, but then when I run “Docker QuickStart Terminal” again, it deletes the machine.

Any help here would be awesome. I expected this to work with Hyper-V straight out the gate.

Tried this on a MAC with no issues.

I tried disabling hyper-v. It was just re-installed during pre-checks.

I fixed this myself…“thanks”…I guess.

@bdphil86 awesome, thanks for following up. If you don’t mind, could you post your solution here so that others that stumble on this post can learn what to do?

You need to disable Hyper-V (Turn it off in windows features)

Restart your pc then try again - fixed the issue for me :slight_smile:

My Docker was fine, but a teammate had issues with Hyper-V. I had started the Hyper-V manager on my own laptop and then my Docker was broken.

To fix I

  • removed Hyper-V in windows features
  • rebooted
  • re-added Hyper-V in windows features
  • rebooted

Then docker was working again