Docker for Windows can´t install Moby in Hyper-V

Expected behavior

Windows Docker can install on Hyper-V Moby VM

Actual behavior

I get always an error when trying to switch to Linux Containers.


I´m running a Windows Server 2016 Version 10.0.14393 Build 14393 on a virtual machine. Installed Windows Docker, let it activate Hyper-V and then is hung on “Docker ist starting”…
Got that myself somehow solved, now Docker for Windows ist running, but just in Windows Container Mode…as soon as i try to switch to Linux Container, it crashes.
It Tells Hyper-V wasnt able to install MobyVN, and thats it. If i look at Hyper-V its completly empty, no VM created, no virtual Switch nothing.

I´ll attach the Log, the only issue i can see, beside the one of not beeing able to install Moby, is that there are several error in the Logs…and it looks for me like Network Problems.

I tried to find a solution with google, but none found, or i just can´t understand that…?
If im right, Docker for windows should install himself a virtual switch, and after that the Moby VN, to be able to work with Linux Based Container…
What if it doesn´t?

Any Help would be really great.

Link to the Log:

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. …Install Windows Docker
  2. …Switch to Linux Container…

None any idea?

I habe further Information btw…

i uninstalled hyper-v, and tried then to activate it again…now im getting the error, my Processor wouldnt be able to do virtualization…

Im running over VMWare, with a physical ESX cluster…and i activated the virtualization of the processor for the guest hosts in the properties of the VM.

So why doesn´t this work yet? Theoretically i have all system requirements…

Meanwhile i installed an 2016 server directly on a notebook, started Hyper-V and Docker for Windows…this worked at first strike…

any ideas?