Docker Stable: No MobyLinuxVM found

MobyLinux VM is not getting created with stable version of Docker. It should had been installed automatically with installation of docker but thats not the case here.

Hyper-V App is currently having no VM.

Also Docker for Windows app is not getting opened. Not sure what went wrong here.

Can you provide more details on what environment you’re trying to install on and whether there were errors during install?

Consider trying to re-install.

@friism I tried multiple times but no luck. Finally after re-enabling Hyper-V & performing the re-installation of docker I got it working.

But after I rebooted my Windows Box same issue persists. I had checked the latest logs under C:\ProgramData\Docker, it is just showing this information

[17:23:24.347][DockerService  ][Info   ] Version: 1.12.0-stable
[17:23:24.488][DockerService  ][Info   ] Starting on: 8/28/2016 5:23:24 PM
[17:23:24.535][DockerService  ][Info   ] Sha1: 9cd1dc28d3ac81cb5177ff9728f65200304b36f6
[17:23:50.035][BackendServer  ][Info   ] Started```

This is the only information in the latest log file `service-2016-08-28_17-23-24.txt`

<img src="//" width="690" height="110">

Do I need to check any settings on Hyper-V ?

Now this is something strange. It started working on its own after 3 hours, see the time stamp. Not sure what’s wrong over here.