I lost my containers and images

HI everyone
I pull 4 images and run it and and I work on it
after a few week I run docker I can’t see any images and any containers
I lost all of them
and i repeat all of my work
what I can do to prevent this problem ?

Are you sure you lost all of your work and not just switched to Windows containers from Linux containers or the other way around? When you switch between Windows and Linux even if accidentally or a Docker Desktop update switches it, you will not see the data created in the other mode.

The other reason could be switching between docker contexts if you had fo example some remote contexts. docker context ls can show you the existing contexts.

I work on windows only and when I uninstall the docker and re install I find the images and containers but I lost them again ?

I have never met anyone who actually lost images because of Docker Desktop itself. I am not saying it is not possible, but I find it unlikely based on previous reports. The problem is usually switching between contexts (docker context ls) or on Windows as I suggested, switching between Linux and Windows containers accidentally. The fact that you work on Windows doesn’t say anything about the containers. being Linux or Windows. Since you posted the question in the Windows category, we already new about that :slight_smile: A reason of actually deleted images can be a service which occasionally deletes images. In case of Docker Desktop it could also be an extension, but I don’t know if there is n extension like that.