How do I choose the base image for my Java 21 app

Hi All

Total newbie here. I’m confused as to how to go about selecting the base image when building my Java app (using 21)

Any advice would be appreciated.

How would you choose which Java distribution to use without docker? What are the constraints that make you pick one?

I recommend using a distribution that complies to the Java Compatibility Kit, often referred to as JCK or TCK. In my experience you should check whether your company provides a list of Java distributions that can be used according the companies` compliance regulations.

From what I remember Oracle’s vanilla OpenJDK does not get long term security updates (or any at all?). Eclipse Temurin is quite popular. It is maintained under the umbrella of the Eclipse Foundation.

If you design your container to run in the Cloud, you might want to check if the Cloud Provider provides their own Java Distribution, which usually comes with an open source license and even support if run in their environment, like AWS Corretto.

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Thanks for the pointers meyay :slight_smile: