Docker Install on Windows Server 2016


I was looking for some aid or advice on how to install Docker to my Windows Server 2016.
I have originally installed Docker for Windows through a web browser for the Community Edition. Completed the wizard installation and everything. The downloading for packages would be successful. As I double-click to run the application, I would get a crash report of unable to due to “MobyLinux” or that Hyper-V is not installed. I would go to the Server Manager to add the new roles and features but Hyper-V is already installed as well as Containers.

Next, I would uninstall Docker then try to install Docker from the PowerShell for the Enterprise Edition. There I would successfully copy and past the commands from this link:
So when I ran the command to see if hello-world would work and it would show the success message that it’s working correctly.

However, I would even go to the Windows PowerShell and try to run both the docker.exe and dockerd.exe file but for a split second the CLI for cmd or for Docker would appear and disappear. I would keep trying to execute that and nothing would show.

Or the error: “x509: certificate has expired or is not yet valid” or Unable to find image ‘hello-world:latest’ locally
docker: Error response from daemon:

I am trying to install a Linux container on Docker but have be unsuccessful even when running the command: docker pull ubuntu or docker pull debian for example.

I do not know what are the right steps in order to do this, could someone help me or refer me to resources on how I might be able to accomplish this task?

The way you install docker on Windows is to follow official documentation (
This is the only supported edition on Windows server and unless you have nested Hyper-V isolation enabled you will not be able to run Linux containers on it. If you do Hyper-V nested virtualization enabled then you need follow this guide (