Docker installation windows 10 home

Hi Team, I am having very different issue while installing docker.
Step 1 - I tried to install docker directly , downloaded the docker desktop.
It asked for restart, done start window keep updating screen turns black and was like that for more than an hour.
Had to make use of restore point and repaired the laptop.
Step 2. searched, founded that need WSL2 for docker working as windows 10 home do not have hyper -V.

treid installing, reboot asked ,had same issue as step 1.

Step 3. came to know, have to turn on window virtual program(virtualisation is already enabled).

turned it on, asked for reboot had same issue as step 1.

I am having hard time trying to understand the actual issue.

My Laptop Configuration : ASUS FX505DT, windows 10 home, virtualisation enabled, processor Ryzen 5

I did run it on Win10 Home and do run it now on Win11 Home with a Ryzen CPU.

Make sure the featues “Linux Subsystem for Windows” and “Virtual Machine Platform” are enabled.

Note: The Virtual Maschine Platform is a lightweight virtualisation platform based on Hyper-V and indeed uses some components of Hyper-V (but is not the full fledged Hyper-V). If you run Virtualbox or VMware Workstation/Player they will be running slower due to the Hyper-V compatiblity mode which is required due to the thin Hyper-V layer the Virtual Maschine Platform brings to the table, even though there is no full fledged Hyper-V available for Windows Home.