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Docker maintenance and issue handling

Not sure if this is the right fora for this, or how to bring this up in an elegant way, but here goes.

If one looks at issue trackers for Docker, such as or, there is a very low activity of handling incoming issues. Many of them are are confirmed bugs, but noone is handling the labeling, or taking a look at them in any sense like doing assignment.

Compare this to another large open source project like VS Code, where issues are quickly assigned and much more actively handled:

Of course Docker is open source anyone is able to solve the issues, but the problem is the handling of incoming issues. Labeling, assignment, confirmation it is a bug or feature request etc. Without those things any project quickly feels abandoned. Obviously Docker is a project that is anything but abandonws, but not taking care of repos gives a sense of negligence. The only way to remedy this is by the repo owners/maintainers to change their ways of working with this.

I think it’s a valid concern considering how dominant Docker has become in the container market.