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Is there anyway to use overlay (multihost) networks on Docker for windows?

(Javier Ramirez) #1

Is there anyway to use overlay (multihost) networks on Docker for windows? I have tried and can not find any usable plugin for that …
I have read… does it means that no multihost network is allowed by now?¿

Many Thanks,
Javier Ramírez

(Michael Friis) #2

For Docker engine running natively on Windows (managing Windows containers), overlay networking is not yet supported. We’re working very on this though, so stay tuned.

(Javier Ramirez) #3

Many Thanks, Is there any scheduled date for this to work?.

Javier R.

(Clwu) #4

If multihost networks on Docker for Windows means Docker Swarm, then it is achievable if using old beta version of Docker for Windows (1.12-rc3-beta18 below) with some additional network configuration (to be specific, port forwarding) on Win10.

It is achieved by the old method, using SWARM images rather than the new native SWARM mode provided by the most updated Docker for Windows. The SWARM nodes runs on a virtual machine normally with IP inside Win10, and uses port 2375 (for working nodes) or 4000 (for manager nodes) of that virtual machine to do communication among Docker Swarm. After that, with port forwarding on Win10 by using “netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenport=2375/4000 listenaddress=Win10_IP connectport=2375/4000 connectport=DockerVM_IP”, a Docker Swarm among docker engines on multihost windows is created.

Please note that additional port forwarding on Win10 is necessary if a network services inside a Docker Swarm node needs to be seen from other hosts in the overlay networks.

(Javier Ramirez) #5

Thanks but your talking about old docker for Windows method (or docker on Windows for executing Linux containers). I want to use overlay networks on Windows cluster for execution of Windows containers…
I can’t understand the swarm mode on Docker for Windows containers if there isn’t any way of networking between containers on different hosts??
Many thanks,
Javier R.

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(Hellosri) #6

Its June 2018. Is multi-host swarm mode still not supported with docker for windows? Any alternatives ? I’m trying to join 2 windows 2016 machines in swarm mode.