Docker on Windows 10 - Crashes, does not start and/or unstable

I have been using Docker for Windows (I am using 10 Pro) for a few months now without a problem. I had stopped using docker (due to other work) until about week ago). I found docker no longer reliable starts up, just waits on starting or updating. Once in a while (after several restarts of services) , docker would start.
I had try to reinstall docker for windows (desktop), no luck, tried edge version, no luck. I have tried to reinstall Hyper v etc, no luck.

I just reinstalled Windows 10 Pro (wiped drive), so have a clean environment. Docker started after 5 minutes, tried to download a image (docker pull) and then download would free trying to download images.

I tried to restart docker services and desktop, and docker will not start.

I am running out of options, and may have to move away from using docker.

Any ideas how I could find out what the issue issue?

I have am now using the edge version, still no luck.


I have reverted back to version, and appears to be working fine.

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