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Docker on windows - not able to pull or run

I have a fresh new win2k16, containers enabled and docker installed.
Whenever I do a simple pull or run I get

PS C:\Users\myuser> docker pull alpine

Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from library/alpine

error pulling image configuration: Get
fbp4etV5QVC69tkWPA4QpCJwAZC591bCY_&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJECH5M7VWIS5YZ6Q: dial tcp i/o timeout

Hi cqn somebody respond to this? It has been more than 1 month I am waiting for a minimum info

If you’re on Windows Server running the Docker engine natively on Windows, the alpine image is not going to run. Instead try to run docker run -ti microsoft/windowsservercore powershell.

The error you’re getting seems unrelated though.

What’s your environment? Any reason (proxies, etc) why you wouldn’t be able to access something on cloudfront on port 443?

Thanks for your response, I have no proxy, windows firewall completly disabled, I can ping external domains, I can browse ant website from the VM.

I tried just now the command you recommended, got the same exact error

PS E:\projects\test> docker run -ti microsoft/windowsservercore powershell
Unable to find image ‘microsoft/windowsservercore:latest’ locally
latest: Pulling from microsoft/windowsservercore

C:\Program Files\Docker\docker.exe: error pulling image configuration: Get
…: dial tcp i/o timeout.

Also, I typed the whole string in the browser…~Yw

I think I am getting a right response as follows


Hi Michael,

I have just responded to you



Hi, can somebody help, this is very annoying, not able to run a basic run command on win2k16