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Docker push to private registry (Artifactory)


(Chenaz) #1


I have a Windows 2016 vm installed with Docker 1.12.2.
I also have Artifactory 4.14 installed and set up a docker repository api v2.

I’m trying to push an image to the docker repo but got some issues:
Skipped foreign layer
Skipped foreign layer
manifest invalid: manifest invalid

I know if a bug in Artifactory where it does not support remote cache but does that mean that a manifest json will not create? meaning my docker repo in Artifactory is useless till they fix it?

(Zanbel) #2


From the issue it seems related to this improvement request that will be implement shortly.
Images without foreign layers are fully supported and you to can push, pull, etc.

P.S. - I’m with JFrog (:

(Venkat12345) #3

In your artifactory docker registry its trying to push previous build image… i am trying to push through jenkins current build 10 and docker push trying to push from build number 1 to 10… in the local registry which is in artifactory.