Unable to pull a Container from Jenkins using an Artifactory Docker Repository for build environment

I’m unable to pull a docker container from my artifactory.

FATAL: Failed to pull Docker image ph-docker.jfrog.io/ph-os-arm64:latest

I’m having the build environment be within a docker container, where I am pulling from the repository stated above, as well as having including the artifactory credentials. I’m able to pull containers from the artifactory through cmd line and also made sure I was able to do so on the node, but I’m unable to do so during the build phase.

I’ve downloaded the artifactory plugin and using the CloudBee’s docker custom build plugin.

Edit: I believe that this is caused because the custom build plugin builds containers from the index.docker.io/v1/, where I would need to change this location to point towards my artifactory. However, it is not clear on how to change the registry I would need to pull from using the build plugin (it states it can build from a private registry)