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Docker Quickstart Terminal - Pre-create checks error

(Ootsun) #1

I just installed Docker on Windows 10 Education Edition. I let all default parameters except VirtualBox because I already have it installed.
When I launch Docker Quickstart Terminal I got this :

Running pre-create checks...
Error with pre-create check: "This computer doesn't have VT-X/AMD-v enabled. Enabling it in the BIOS is mandatory"
Looks like something went wrong in step ´Checking if machine default exists´... Press any key to continue...

Here’s what I did to try to solve this :

  1. I ran Speccy to ensure virtualization was enabled. It is.
  2. I went into my Bios to ensure the option was enabled there too. "AMD I/O Virtualization technology (IOMMU) was set to auto. I put it to enabled.
  3. Then I noticed that I could use Hyper-v with my Windows Education. So I checked to activate it. Don’t work because it said that I should activate something in the bios. So problem not solved…

Any idea of what I misunderstood or of the name of the option that I should enable in the bios?