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Docker Toolbox Windows 10 Error help

I’m new to Docker and want to learn what it does, but there’s a problem.

I downloaded and installed Docker Toolbox. When I ran the "Docker Quickstart Terminal it said:

“Running pre-create checks…
Error with pre-create check: “This computer doesn’t have VT-X/AMD-v enabled. Enabling it in the BIOS is mandatory”
Looks like something went wrong in step ´Checking if machine default exists´… Press any key to continue…”

I enabled SVM in the bios (and there is no other type of VM I could enable in there).

Once I restarted I got the same error message.

Am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be greatly accepted :slight_smile:

Found Problem:

If running Windows 10 Home Make sure you run “run as administrator”.
Else it won’t load the VM correctly and cause it to error.

I should have guessed it, but in my excitement I missed that step, lol.

Hope this helped someone.