Docker run works, but not compose on shared pc

I have a machine thats shared, we have the latest version of docker desktop, vscode and the containers plugins. If i start docker from a command line with docker run, the container works fine. If i try to start the container with visual studio code, which uses docker compose, the container starts, then immediately dies with the error code of 126. I did not install docker, but i am in the same user groups for the hyper-v, docker users, and admins. The person who installed the docker has no issues.
The path on another non-shared and this PC look the same. we have other PCs where we have installed docker for windows and share it without issue. Rebooting the machine, restarting docker, ect do not make a difference.
Its obvious its some permissions issue, just not sure where to look
we use the same vscode container json and ymls on many different machines, without issue.