Failed to start VM "MobyLinuxVM"

This happened on initial install. Hyper-V was not enabled. Docker asked to enable and restart and was not able to complete its initialization process.

[02:47:33.154][Program ][Info ] Version 1.11.1-beta10 (build: 2446)
[02:47:33.154][Program ][Info ] Starting on: 5/5/2016 2:47:33 AM
[02:47:33.154][Program ][Info ] Resources: C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\Resources
[02:47:33.154][Program ][Info ] OS: Windows 10 Pro
[02:47:33.154][Program ][Info ] Edition: Professional
[02:47:33.154][Program ][Info ] Id: 1511
[02:47:33.169][Program ][Info ] Build: 10586
[02:47:33.169][Program ][Info ] BuildLabName: 10586.212.amd64fre.th2_release_sec.160328-1908
[02:47:33.169][Program ][Info ] Mixpanel Id: 5777BA01-970C-442E-A039-21E1B1C0F459
[02:47:33.169][Program ][Info ] Sha1: 51937ce6b9f8f70c9a642f493d63db1521a4fb7d
[02:47:33.169][Program ][Info ] You can send feedback, including this log file, at
[02:47:33.388][Mixpanel ][Info ] Tracking: appLaunched
[02:47:34.107][Mixpanel ][Info ] Tracking: heartbeat
[02:47:35.357][BackendServer ][Info ] Started
[02:47:35.482][NamedPipeServer][Info ] CheckInstallation:[]
[02:47:35.482][HyperV ][Info ] Check Hyper-V Windows optional feature
[02:47:35.482][PowerShell ][Info ] Run script…
[02:47:36.529][HyperV ][Info ] Hyper-V Windows feature is enabled
[02:47:36.544][NamedPipeServer][Info ] CheckInstallation done.
[02:47:36.544][NamedPipeServer][Info ] CheckHyperVState:[]
[02:47:36.544][HyperV ][Info ] Check Hyper-V Service State
[02:47:36.544][PowerShell ][Info ] Run script with parameters: -Check True…
[02:47:41.084][HyperV ][Info ] Hyper-V is running and responding
[02:47:41.084][HyperV ][Info ] Hyper-V is running
[02:47:41.084][NamedPipeServer][Info ] CheckHyperVState done.
[02:47:42.225][Authentication ][Info ] Checking token
[02:47:42.334][Mixpanel ][Info ] Tracking: installAskForToken
[02:48:42.064][Mixpanel ][Info ] Tracking: installTokenIsValid
[02:48:42.349][Notifications ][Info ] Docker is Initializing…
[02:48:42.365][Updater ][Info ] Checking for updates on the Beta channel…
[02:48:42.409][NamedPipeServer][Info ] Start:[2,2048]
[02:48:42.413][Firewall ][Info ] Opening ports for C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\Resources\com.docker.proxy.exe and C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\DockerForWindows.exe…
[02:48:42.415][PowerShell ][Info ] Run script…
[02:48:43.003][Updater ][Info ] Found remote version. Version =
[02:48:43.006][Updater ][Info ] Local version is up to date.
[02:48:43.006][Updater ][Info ] Check for update done.
[02:48:43.612][Firewall ][Info ] Ports are opened
[02:48:43.615][HyperV ][Info ] Create
[02:48:43.618][PowerShell ][Info ] Run script with parameters: -Create True -CPUs 2 -Memory 2048 -IsoFile C:\Program Files\Docker\Docker\Resources\mobylinux.iso…
[02:48:44.126][HyperV ][Info ] Enabled workaround for Build 10586 VMSwitch issue
[02:48:47.387][HyperV ][Info ] Creating Switch: DockerNAT…
[02:48:48.126][HyperV ][Info ] Switch created.
[02:48:48.289][HyperV ][Info ] Set IP address on switch
[02:48:48.327][HyperV ][Info ] Creating Net NAT: DockerNAT…
[02:48:49.589][HyperV ][Info ] Net NAT created.
[02:48:50.861][HyperV ][Info ] Creading dynamic VHD: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Hyper-V\Virtual Hard Disks\MobyLinuxVM.vhdx
[02:48:51.948][HyperV ][Info ] Creating VM MobyLinuxVM…
[02:48:53.297][HyperV ][Info ] VM created.
[02:48:53.297][Dhcp ][Info ] Dhcp starting on port 67, on interface vEthernet (DockerNAT)…
[02:48:53.335][Dhcp ][Info ] Dhcp started.
[02:48:53.335][Proxy ][Info ] Starting com.docker.proxy
[02:48:53.398][HyperV ][Info ] Start
[02:48:53.413][PowerShell ][Info ] Run script with parameters: -Start True…
[02:48:53.451][Proxy ][Info ] docker proxy (on deprecated port): ready
[02:48:53.451][Proxy ][Info ] dns server: ready
[02:48:53.451][Proxy ][Info ] poison pill: ready
[02:48:53.465][Proxy ][Info ] docker proxy: ready
[02:48:53.883][HyperV ][Info ] Starting VM MobyLinuxVM…
[02:48:53.937][Notifications ][Error ] Error: Failed to start VM “MobyLinuxVM”: ‘MobyLinuxVM’ failed to start… . Virtual machine ‘MobyLinuxVM’ could not be started because the hypervisor is not running… . ‘MobyLinuxVM’ failed to start. (Virtual machine ID EEF98AF0-8595-4B35-B964-86E2B8CA0E4A). . Virtual machine ‘MobyLinuxVM’ could not be started because the hypervisor is not running (Virtual machine ID EEF98AF0-8595-4B35-B964-86E2B8CA0E4A)… The following actions may help you resolve the problem:. 1) Verify that the processor of the physical computer has a supported version of hardware-assisted virtualization… 2) Verify that hardware-assisted virtualization and hardware-assisted data execution protection are enabled in the BIOS of the physical computer. (If you edit the BIOS to enable either setting, you must turn off the power to the physical computer and then turn it back on. Resetting the physical computer is not sufficient.). 3) If you have made changes to the Boot Configuration Data store, review these changes to ensure that the hypervisor is configured to launch automatically…
[02:49:07.389][Program ][Info ] Sending Bugsnag report d342be8d-9f65-4d56-86aa-068ee652f871 …
[02:49:08.345][Program ][Info ] Bugsnag report sent


it looks like Hyper-V didn’t install properly or you machine does not support Hyper-V. Could verify the steps outlined at the end of the logs?