Docker starts to get stuck and can never recover


I work daily with docker, luckily without any problems so far. It all started in the morning, when suddenly when deploying a stack, docker stopped responding from the command line or even from the Portainer interface.
The fans of my laptop began to work in signal of high consumption of resources, and it was like that, the process com.docker.hyperkit began to use more than 400% in the CPU.

  • Docker version: unknow
  • Portainer version: 1.22
  • Mac version: 10.15.1

I restart the laptop (several times), restart docker (several times).
Even uninstall docker and reinstalled and it fallows the same behavior, first works and stops working randomly again

  • Docker version: 19.03.5
  • Portainer version: 1.23
  • Mac version: 10.15.2

Common factor

I’m always working with Portainer. Is Portainer braking docker???


After reinstalling it for n-time I received this message from docker

Being optimist I hope that resetting docker to factory default will fix everything but… Surprise!!! It crashed again