Docker Swarm for Windows Server 2016 in production on-premise

what’s the official Docker solution for a Swarm cluster in production and on-premise with Windows Server 2016?
Every google search I tried resulted in several links to Docker EE, but this is a SaaS solution.
I need to understand the official supported solution for an on-premise scenario.
put another way: does Docker officially support a Swarm cluster built with on-premise VMs just installing Docker windows server features and set up a Swarm manually (or Powershell)?
is there some licensing issue? Do I need to buy some customer support?

Thanks in advance

You might want to look at this from Microsoft. It looks like Windows 10 Creators Update works out of the box but there is some additional work to get it working on Windows Server 2016 (and even then not sure that Overlay networks are fully supported there yet).

Update: I just re-looked at the KB in the above link and it looks like with the update, Overlay networks are now supported.


thank you, very clear