Does the Swarm mode work on Docker for Windows?


  1. Does the Docker Swarm mode work on Docker for Windows (that run native Windows Containers using Hyper-V driver) ? Iam on Docker v 1.13.0-rc6-beta36 (9696) / Win10-Pro-1607 (Anniversary Edition)

  2. Is there a good sample/tutorial that I can try to demo the scaling aspect.

Thanks for your time!

Sorry, it doesn’t work yet. We’re still waiting on a few overlay networking improvements in Windows.

Michael, Ok. Thanks for the super quick response!. Any approx ETA on when this will be available ?

@friism Is there an approx ETA on when Swatm will be available for Native Windows Containers? Also where can I keep track of these announcements and whats happening ? Thanks

It’s starting to show up in Windows 10 insider builds:

"Now, we’re expanding the reach of Windows container networking to multi-host (clustering) scenarios with the addition of a native overlay network driver and support for Docker swarm mode, available today to Windows Insiders as part of the upcoming Windows 10, Creators Update."

I’ve noticed that the Creators Update is now out, does this mean that what @sg1970 wants to do works right now, or is it still in development?

Yup, it all works now:

Nice! Thanks for the quick reaction.

How can I set this up ?

I am attempting to run in Azure a Swarm cluster that can run both Linux and Windows containers

having a lot of trouble finding a document for this !